A downloadable game for Windows

You just escaped from the dark side of the sun, on a stealed experimental Ship.

Because this Ship is experimental it do some strange things, it's strange to control because he can only thrust on "up" direction or be attracted to opposite one, so you must thrust up to align your position.

additionnaly it's a military ship, so he can shoot some laser.

but ! it's not all, because it's very experimental this ship has some characteristics which increasing over time, so thrust and attraction progressively growing, and also ship size and shoot max frequency.

also, ship has a strange IA onboard which thrust the ship toward by his own will, and it adjust speed dependent to enemies number you face.

in conclusion: you must escape through the white event horizon before ship became uncontrollable and be shooted by all forces on your pursuit.

Install instructions

unzip it and play it.


EXpand Ship.zip 70 MB